The original IE-Tab Add-on; and 100% stable.

Over 5 million downloads (thank you!), IE-Tab Plus is one of the most popular and tested add-ons in Mozilla. IE-Tab Plus is the original project - be aware from the imitations.

IE Tab is an enhanced version of IE Tab which enables you to use the embedded IE engine within tabs of Mozilla Firefox. It is not only a great tool for web developers, like the old IE Tab, but also an useful tool for normal users, since you can easily switch to IE when you meet incorrectly rendered web pages in Firefox.

New (optional by opt-in only) features compared with IE Tab:

1. Support Adblock Plus. Ads in IE page will also be filtered by Adblock Plus!

2. Support sync cookies between IE and Firefox. Now you can switch between Firefox tab and IE Tab without having to relogin!

3. Price Comparison that uses sophisticated visual search technology to find you deals while you shop on hundreds of U.S. stores.

PLEASE READ THIS FIRST: Keeping IE-Tab working with every new version of Firefox and InternetExplorer is costly. Users can help us to keep IE-Tab great service by enabling the Price-Comparison option after the installation. By default the option is OFF and the users can select it. The Price-Comparison works only when the user ask to see price comparison data. When the user does not use it, its completely off and does not compromise the users privacy.

In any case the Price-Comparison can be disabled at anytime; from Firefox menu:

Tools > Add-ons > IE-Tab settings

****************** ADDITIONAL NOTICE ******************

1. This version is incompatible with the old IE Tab. You need to uninstall IE Tab before installing IE Tab Plus. Firefox will get unexpected result if both of them are enabled.

2. If you get a "invalid hash" error while installing from Mozilla site, it is NOT a bug of IE Tab Plus, but a bug of Mozilla site itself. You can go to my project home page to finish installation, or, you can just wait a few hours for Mozilla to fix their problem.